Winners Announced: 4th Annual Plastic Art Contest

1stPlaceCongratulations to our Rise Above Plastics Month Plastic Art Contest winners! Allie LeCaux: “Exhibit A,” Florence, OR Constructed from styrofoam and plastic debris collected in and around Florence, Oregon,  Allie LeCaux’s life-size ground installation, “Exhibit A” poignantly addresses the dangerous and often devastating effects caused when single-use plastic debris end up in marine environments.  Her piece reminds […]

Turning Nets into Decks

Lightened_Iso_on_wood_grande copy10% of the plastic waste polluting our oceans contains incorrectly disposed fishing nets.  Our friends at Bureo Skateboards have taken action.  By manufacturing skateboards decks entirely from fishnets collected along the coast of Chile, the Bureo team is turning what was once harmful waste into something fun! Bureo partners with a program called “Net Positiva,” […]

Found Objects on the Coast of Montauk, NY

1New York-based artist, Scott Bluedorn, works in various media, including painting, drawing, print process, design and found object assemblage.  Inspired by cultural anthropology and a love of beach combing, Bluedorn presents multi-media assemblage work created out of castaway marine debris from the beaches and coves of Montauk, New York.  An environmentalist and avid proponent of […]

Jim Golden: Plastic Art in Cape Meares, Oregon

Specializing in people, portraits, fashion and still life, Jim Golden Studio is an embodiment of its owner’s aesthetic vision. As a photographer, Jim brings an artist’s eye and an enthusiast’s passion to his work, creating striking imagery that strives to capture the essence of his subjects. Rather than imposing a conventional standard of beauty, Jim accentuates what’s […]

Rise Above Plastics with Reusable Takeout Bags from Native Foods Cafe

Santa_Monica-2This October, in honor of Rise Above Plastics Month, Surfrider’s friends at Native Foods Café have taken the pledge to reduce their plastic footprint.  Native Foods Café debuts their reusable bags this month, encouraging take-out customers to reduce their consumption of single-use bags. Additionally, Surfrider Foundation will be the featured non-profit organization at all Native […]

Plastic Art: ‘A Slice of Venice Beach’

IMG_7223Artist Rohitash Rao draws inspiration from the colorful and eclectic trash he picks up along the city streets, beach, and boardwalk surrounding his studio in Venice Beach, California.  An avid supporter of Surfrider Foundation’s beach cleanup efforts, Rao created a special piece for us in honor of “Rise Above Plastics Month.” Rao stumbled upon the concept […]

France Bans the Bag!

bag_oceanSurfrider Foundation activists and environmentalists are rising above plastics around the world.  With the help of Surfrider Foundation Europe, France has passed a ban on single-use plastic bags and disposable tableware.  According to the European Commission, one French person on average uses about 80 plastic bags a year.  This represents about 17 billion plastic bags – including […]

Sea-Worn Trash Art with Surfrider Activist Pam Longobardi

2014_9_Spout_ph1_WBPam Longobardi despises her artistic medium of choice. She considers it a global scourge that’s both tangibly harmful and potently symbolic of how our runaway consumerism is killing the planet. Longobardi makes art out of plastic–specifically, out of sea-worn trash that she’s hauled from beaches worldwide. She transforms the flotsam into powerful pieces, including the […]

Rise Above the Single-Use Habit with ChicoBag!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.15.54 PMChicoBag aims to ‘rise above plastics’ by encouraging humanity to end its single-use habit — that is, the wasteful, throw-away habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans.  By advocating for waste reduction and designing high quality, long lasting reusable bags, ChicoBag helps keep our oceans, waves and beaches healthy and plastic-free.  What’s more—  […]

Vancouver Island Activists ‘Comb the Coast’

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.34.15 PMNeed some inspiration to get involved this Rise Above Plastics Month?  Look no further than the Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island Chapter.  Each year, the British Columbia-based Chapter raises funds to bring a crew of volunteers to an out-of-the-way spot on the coast for a few days to camp, surf and collect as much trash and […]

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